10-Minute Manis at Home

Pink fingernail paint

If you’re like most women, you appreciate having a nice manicure. Cute nail styles can help you feel more beautiful, put-together, and confident. But nowadays, between work, household chores, and taking care of the kids, who has time to make it to the nail salon for an appointment that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour? Fortunately, with De’s Nails, this inconvenience is a thing of the past.

De’s Nails specializes in easy-to-use nail wraps. We offer hundreds of different designs, and all of them can be applied to achieve the perfect manicure within 10 minutes or less. To use our nail wraps, simply wipe your nail clean, stick the wrap on, and file away the excess. The final result is beautiful-looking nails that last seven to 10 days! Read on to discover some of our favorite nail styles, then shop now for fabulous 10-minute manis you can do at home!

Purple nail attachment

A Whole New World

If you love making a statement with your style, you’ll love our A Whole New World designer nail wraps. Featuring a bold purple color accented by copper-gold linear artwork, this manicure is stunning to look at! Whether you show them off at the office or your child’s next sporting event, you’re sure to have all eyes on you. Plus, when paired with gold jewelry such as rings or a bracelet, the linework on these wraps will pop!

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Pink fingernail attachment

Ballet Pink

You can’t go wrong with a Ballet Pink manicure! After all, it’s a classic and timeless style that pairs well with nearly every look, so we had to include it in our lineup of nail wraps. This manicure design is simple, featuring a solid ballet pink color guaranteed to suit every skin tone. Wear these nail wraps alone, or mix and match them with other styles to create your own unique mani!


Flowers and Gold finger nail attachments

Flowers and Gold

At De’s Nails, we believe your nails should never look dull. That’s why we’ve created a ton of beautifully patterned nail wraps, including Flowers and Gold. This design features a mix of solid white and pink wraps, sparkly gold wraps, and cherry blossom printed wraps. They’re perfect for wearing in the spring or anytime you need a little pizazz! For best results, we suggest applying a top coat to preserve the cherry blossom pattern.

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Snake print finger attachments

Marble Sparkle

The marbled look is everywhere nowadays, from clothing to interior design. At De’s Nails, we’ve made it possible to achieve this look on your nails, too! Our Marble Sparkle nail wraps feature a gorgeous, sparkling silver marble design that looks as elegant as can be. Whether you dress this manicure up or down, you’re sure to attract attention!

Rainbow fingernail attachements

Pastel Rainbow

If you love bright splashes of color, our Pastel Rainbow nail wraps are perfect for you! This manicure design has every shade of the rainbow painted onto each nail, and it features flecks of glitter across the entire design. Plus, several of the wraps include gold star and heart-shaped decals for an added touch of flair! This mani is playful, youthful, and fun.

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When you need a convenient 10-minute manicure that you can achieve from home, De’s Nails has you covered! Whether you choose one of the nail designs we’ve shared here today or opt for one of our other eye-catching options, you’re sure to love how beautiful your nails look and how easy our nail wraps are to apply. Shop now, and get the perfect mani!