Why You Should Use Custom Nail Wraps

Nail art is a great way to elevate your look and show off your personality, and with custom nail wraps, it couldn’t be easier. The nail wraps from De’s Nails are easy to apply, long-lasting, and there are hundreds of choices for designs, allowing you to truly personalize your nails. In today’s blog post from De’s Nails, we are going to discuss four reasons why you should be using custom nail wraps. Read on to learn more.

Get a Custom Look Without a Visit to the Salon

Custom nail wraps allow you to get a unique and professional look without going to the salon. The process of applying them is simple, and you don’t have to spend hours sitting in a chair while someone else does your nails. 


Longer Lasting Than Polish

Nail polish is an easy DIY approach to taking care of your nails; however, after a few days, polish begins to chip. With custom nail wraps from De’s Nails, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful mani for 7 to 10 days! Not only that, compared to polish, the design possibilities with nail wraps are endless and don’t require any special tools or skills. 


Design Options for Every Seasons & Aesthetic 

At De’s Nails, we carry hundreds of custom nail wrap designs. Choose from fall nail designs, holiday nail wraps, and endless other custom designs, perfect for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re looking for something fun and playful or clean and professional, there is a custom nail wrap design perfect for you at De’s Nails.



Affordable & Won’t Damage Your Nails

Custom nail wraps provide you with professionally designed nails at a fraction of the cost of getting acrylic nails in a salon. Additionally, nail wraps from De’s Nails are specifically designed to not damage your nails. 

Shop Custom Nail Wraps at De’s Nails

At De’s Nails, we carry a wide selection of fall nail designs and custom nail wraps for every occasion. Shop nail wraps on our site to experience all of the benefits for yourself.