De's Nails Nail Polish Wrap Mystery Bundles

Do you love a grab bag? We do! In this section you will find various mystery bundles. Check each listing for what you will receive. They will always be at a discount and will include a great variety in any bundle you purchase. You will apply the nail wraps the same as always. They are no different. Prep your nail by pushing back your cuticles and wiping with rubbing alcohol. Then choose the best fitting wrap (not too big), stick it to your nail, cut the majority of the excess then file the rest! Top with your favorite top coat (CND Vinylux is our favorite and sold on our site). Enjoy your nail wrap manicure for a week or more!

To apply our regular and premium nail wraps: Prep nails as needed with a file and buffer as well as cuticle pusher. Push those pesky cuticles back before applying and buff away any ridges. Wipe your nail with alcohol, place the proper sized wrap on your nail, press down with your finger or rubber cuticle pusher, clip or snip off most of the excess, then file the remaining excess off in a vertical direction. Top with a top coat for longest wear. Our CND Vinylux is our personal favorite and carried in our shop. We recommend waiting at least 8 hours before taking a dip in a pool or a bath. Hand washing, showering, or washing dishes can be done sooner but the longer you wait, the better. One more tip - apply nail wraps when the wraps as well as your hands are no colder than room temperature. ENJOY! 

When you are ready to remove our nail wraps just use regular, non-acetone nail polish remover like you would with regular polish. For thicker wraps, dip an orange stick into the remover and get it under the wrap from the side. Check out our facebook group from more tips and tricks!